Defining the value of talented surveyors and engineers
Written by Mark Boersma on Oct. 17th 2018
What are you worth? Have you ever thought about the value you bring as a land surveyor to a project, team or company?

I believe any person with the right combination of soft (intangible) skills and hard (technical) skills has the ability to add incredible value to a project where spatial data is required.

Let's take a situation that is taking place across major capitals within Australia - the infrastructure boom and the need for high quality, driven individuals with spatial science and engineering qualifications. A person that thrives in this high pressure environment is one that can take the emotional challenges of dealing with a variety of personalities whilst maintaining composure to execute on the highly technical areas of the job. These skills can be broken down into two areas. They are as follows:

1. Soft Skills

Everybody I've worked closely with in my fifteen years in the construction and land surveying space have at some point had a bad day. Whether it be an issue with redesign, a calc error or (hopefully not in your case) something cataclysmic like a building set-out and built in the wrong spot. Whatever it may be, mistakes, errors and personality clashes happen, but it's how the individual deals with these that set them apart in the soft skills department.

When I draw a comparison, I would much rather deal with a person of high soft skills ability that is teachable and has a great attitude and who can deal with a bit of adversity opposed to the highly skilled 'diva' who can't cope at the slightest problem where even a slight mishap would in their eyes equate to armageddon. Soft skills take time to develop and are often the result of a persons upbringing, which is why these skills are extremely valuable in a time where technology is fast replacing the complexity to learning hard (technical) skills.

2. Hard Skills

Not everybody has the chops or ability to carry out the task quickly, efficiently and in a pressure cooker environment. Highly technical skills in land surveying and engineering are paramount to ensuring the critical areas of our work are carried out on time and within budget. Technical ability is the foundation in which our work can be cost effective, accurate and professionally delivered. Without the technical abilities of their people, companies would lose their competitive edge and this is the reason as to why highly skilled workers are so appealing in a dwindling talent pool.

Whether it be understanding the specific cadastral procedures to create a stable control network or the ability to produce high quality plans at speed, these technical skills represent a cornerstone of quality.

So, in summarising, It is fair to say that your worth as a professional surveyor or engineer comes down to your technical ability combined with your ability to deal with your colleagues who come from a variety of backgrounds with differing skill sets.

Work on your soft skills, increase your technical ability and watch your value as a professional skyrocket.

To your success!


Mark Boersma

Mark Boersma helps hiring managers and business owners recruit skilled engineers and surveyors.
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