How to know what you're worth. Understanding value and its importance.
Written by Mark Boersma on Oct. 17th 2018
VALUE is one of those words that if you asked a room full of 100 people what it is you'd get a different answer every time. It means a different thing to different people and yet it's the one thing that drives the entire economy. Without bringing something valuable to a situation, especially in a business sense, a person or business would soon find themselves out of the equation. This value transaction is being played out everywhere. For example, employees bring value to a company through their skill and attributes, politicians deliver value to their people (...or at least they try to) through policy and reform, football teams deliver value to by inspiring hope for their fans and providing the content on which their many conversations are based, whatever the equation this value transaction is happening all around us.

So with that being said, what value do you bring to your professional life?

I believe (almost) every single person has something of value to bring to a company, whether it's highly technical skills, enthusiastic attitude, drive or willingness to learn, whatever it may be it is important for a person to understand, feel and believe that this is their strength and something of value to bring to the table.

The power of an individual understanding their true value forms the basis of healthy self esteem, knowing their worth and asking for what they want professionally and personally. Like the foundation of a solid building, this understanding and self appreciation provides a strong platform for which a person can grow psychologically, spiritually, financially, physically, emotionally...the list goes on.

This is where another set of eyes and ears is so crucial in helping a person gauge their value in a professional environment. Having someone take an objective view of your strengths can have truly significant benefits in personal growth and development.

My business, power2perform, looks at the qualities of an individual that can bring real, tangible value to a company and I help the candidate bring these strengths to the hiring table. If you're wanting more of an insight into your strengths as an individual then I can highly recommend the Myers Briggs personality test as a starting point. It's a free online test and amazingly accurate. It will give you a 4 letter result and from this you'll be able to identify the areas in life you're best at. You can visit the link here.

Start building your stronger more valuable self today and let people know what your strengths are, utilise them and understand their worth....You're more valuable than you probably think.

Mark Boersma

Mark Boersma helps hiring managers and business owners recruit skilled engineers and surveyors.
He is an expert at helping people get the talent they require using online and offline methods and making things super simple to understand.
If you're interested in hiring talented surveyors or engineers or scaling up and building your team then definitely reach out and request a free strategy session today.
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