Smaller Parties & Land Surveyor Skills Shortages
Written by Mark Boersma on Jan. 25th 2019
If the following projections are right, then the land surveying profession is set for even tougher times ahead in the skills shortage department within Australia.

Today, skills shortages are evident and surveying businesses are feeling the pinch across most parts of the South Pacific, but how did it get to this? Most people I speak with have their opinions...

From my dealings with numerous stakeholders over the past 14 years it always amazes me how little the general public know about what a surveyor does. This lack of significance has had an impact on multiple levels of the industry, from graduate uptake right through to long-time stayers of the industry that are feeling the pressures of being undervalued and subsequently undercut.

Price wars, under cutting and racing to the bottom only decreases the integrity of the high quality and accuracy that the profession is built on. It is now the business owner, industry leader and company head's responsibility to develop talent in a way which reflects this high quality of service while maintaining the camaraderie and support of the early pioneering teams of surveyors that discovered our fine country.

While the necessity to explore untouched terrain like our early forefathers has changed and technology has increased, there still remains a vital place for high quality, talented and driven individuals to push the boundaries of the geospatial realms.

Build your team with culture and integrity in mind, price on value and quality-not lowest margin and embrace innovation. Let me know how you're dealing with the current challenges in the market.

Mark Boersma

Mark Boersma helps hiring managers and business owners recruit skilled engineers and surveyors.
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